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Together, we will find the foods and tools that fit YOU and allow you to eat and live confidently.

For me, food has been a lifelong passion. I came from a very large family, so everyone had to chip in with gardening and cooking. You could say that this is really where my love of food began. As a teen athlete, I quickly realized how eating the right foods enhanced my performance. This curiosity and fascination with how food fueled the body led me to pursue a B.S. degree in Food Science at Iowa State University. Years later, I went on to study Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

While in school, I had two children and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. How could this have happened to me, despite always being athletic and eating healthy? I progressed into Type 2 diabetes 5 years later and it was incredibly disheartening because I had tried so hard to prevent it!  Of course, the stress of being in school and managing a family played a huge role in my disease progression, as well as developing digestive issues.  

In spite of this development, I knew I would be able to manage my disease through nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Now, after 20 years of  experience working in nutrition education and counseling, in both the clinical arena as well as the digestive wellness industry, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of how and why so many chronic diseases stem from diet and lifestyle imbalances.

So, if you are ready to start living life on YOUR terms instead of  letting your disease dictate your life, let me be your guide and share my nutrition and lifestyle strategies with you!

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